Person API

The Coqnitics Person API can be integrated easily into your system, a json result will be returned. The details and sample response of the API are as below.

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Person API can be integrated into the system to localize person(s) in an image. Bounding box coordinates of the person(s) detected will be returned to the API users.

Request Method


Return Values

Key Description
persons Array of detected person(s) with their positions (bounding boxes).
boundingBox The rectangular box position of a detected person. The returned variables are the (x,y) coordinates of the left corner and the (width, height) of the box.

Sample Response

The JSON response when the request is successful:

  "persons": [
          "boundingBox": {
              "x": 7,
              "y": 352,
              "w": 100,
              "h": 365
          "boundingBox": {
              "x": 234,
              "y": 22,
              "w": 304,
              "h": 1148