Welcome to Coqnitics cloud API documentation!

Getting Started

Coqnitics offers image and video recognition as a service. No matter how many images you have, with Coqnitics, you are only steps away from using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence method to analyze your visual contents.

Coqnitics API is SaaS based, which takes in images as inputs and return analyzed predictions. At the moment, Coqnitics API offers face demographic, license plate recognition and fashion style and sense recognition.

With Coqnitics’s cloud REST API, you can:

  1. Seamlessly integrate different apis in your system to suit your business needs.
  2. Subscribe to additional services such as image storage and advanced analytics that will be introduced in the future.

Sign Up

When you’re ready to get started, you can sign up at https://recoqnitics.com/register

Once you signed up, you will get your access key as well as the secret key. The cost will be based on the number of API calls.